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When the basic needs of human beings are met, they begin to think higher pursuits. The same feeling led the promoters of the school to start on this educational venture in the year 1980 on the strong principles of perseverance and integrity. We strive to motivate every child to reach the apex of achievement and at the same time imbibe the core values of Respect, Honesty, Empathy, Justice and Responsibility. These are the basis for the School’s approach to impart character education which is a perquisite to succeed in all facets of life. We are incessantly active on manifesting the divine potential of each child through three operational imperatives, which are, Academic Rigor, Professional Excellence and Extraordinary care for his/her welfare.

Although high academic achievement is undoubtedly our endeavor, our goal is the development of the child’s total personality –self discipline, self-reliance, alertness, team work, concern for others, to be in harmony with nature, are some of the important traits we are trying to imbibe and for which plenty of opportunity is being provided. We seek to empower each child with education and instill in him/her moral values that help nurture an enlightened soul.