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Best Senior Secondary School in Faridabad

Scholars Pride is considered one of the top schools in Faridabad. We are a well-known senior secondary school in Faridabad, affiliated to the CBSE board. Our school is spread over 2.87 acres of land and has a rich heritage of creating leaders for tomorrow. We are inspired to build strong ethical values in addition to academic excellence amongst our students. We strive to empower our students to discover their passion, ask questions about everything they see around them, think analytically and use their energy in the service of the greater good.

School community

Our scholarly school community provides challenges to students so that they can explore meaningful questions which would help them to excel in college and beyond. To knowmore aboutthe infrastructure we provide, the excellence in teaching we strive for and why we are considered the best school in Faridabad, visit our campus.

Learn with purpose

One of the focus areas of the Scholars Pride is to build responsible citizens of the country who are driven to achieve excellence in every sphere of their lives. We help our students to act ethically, accept challenges, and inspire others to take action.                                                                 

Student resources

Scholar Pride’s students deserve the best! We want to provide them with every learning opportunity so that they can attain their full potential. We are continuously updating the list of resources for our students to keep pace with the changing technology, market demand and aspiration of our students.

Cultivating global leaders of tomorrow

The educational standard and experience for students at the Scholars Pride is designed in such a way that it ensures rigorous academic standards. Furthermore, we strive to expose our students to curricular and extracurricular activities prepare them become global leaders of tomorrow.

We offer parents a great education for their child

Scholars Pride offers research backed parenting guidance which would help the parents to take informed decision about their child’s education and also offer high-quality learning opportunities both in school and at their home.