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“Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.”
Education is a life long learning process. The aim of an educationist is not only to impart knowledge delivered through books but also to facilitate every child with avenues to develop his/her divine potential so that he/she grows into a promising and serviceable resource for the nation. As the Academic Director , I prioritize innovative and attention grabbing methods of teaching in the class rooms so that no child misses out on the multifaceted benefits of learning. Moreover, with the rapidly growing competitive world, we, at Scholars Pride, understand the need to design a curriculum that prepares our students for future challenges. In this consistent endeavour of self-growth of students, we keep in mind that the creative instinct and individuality of the child must not be compromised upon. Therefore, extensive efforts are made for diligent and meticulous planning of the syllabus, effective preparations of lesson plans and careful selection of enrichment activities.

‘Educating a mind without educating a heart is no education.’ The education policy of our institution gives credence to value based education for the children that helps in catalysing the development of the child’s character along with enhancement in knowledge.

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Ms. Charu


Scholars Pride, Faridabad