Science Laboratories

Physics, Chemistry, Biology
To hone the scientific temperament in the students, all the labs are well equipped with the latest apparatus. These provide ample opportunities to the students to do practical work and conduct scientific experiments.

Computer Science Lab

Computer Science Lab Computer literacy programme has assumed great significance in the present day scenario. Computers have become an integral part of all trades, business and professions. This school has therefore equipped itself with the latest and fastest computers with internet facilities for the students from Nursery to XII standard.

Home Science Lab

The lab is equipped with modern gadgets like microwave oven, refrigerator, food processors, mixers and blenders, coffee maker etc. to help the students work without any hindrance. Students from Class V onwards are taught the nuances of good house keeping and different types of cuisine. Lessons are well planned in advance, covering topics of nutrition and well planned diet. We conduct classes on etiquettes and manners as well.

Electronics Workshop

Electronics Workshop To help the students get acquainted with electricity and electronics, there is an electronics workshop. There are work benches, providing an atmosphere for the students to make simple household kits.

Library cum Reading Room

An imaginative and well planned library service is one of the distinctive features of the school. The library has a wide collection of carefully selected books suited to the needs of the students at various stages of their emotional and intellectual development. Each student is encouraged to read. The reading room gets a number of useful journals and newspapers suited to students of all ages, abilities and aptitudes. A fully digital library to replace the present system is on the anvil.

Performing Arts

The school helps to sensitize students towards aesthetic sensibility and gradually channelize their potential to learn performing arts such as music and dance. Skill and training in folk, classical popular dances are imparted. The students are trained to play different musical instruments like synthesizer, bongo, tabla, harmonium, guitar etc.


Sports is an integral part of the school curriculum. There are a number of game fields where the students play basket ball, volley ball, badminton. Facility is also available for athletics, gymnastics, yoga, and table tennis. Children undergo physical training and are taken out for camps and trekking.

Maths Lab

Mathematics develops logic and skill of reasoning among the students. However, students have been losing interest in this important subject. They feel this subject is dull and boring. To overcome this lacuna , our school has developed an excellent Maths laboratory equipped with different audio-visual aids, working models and 2-3 dimensional models objects, charts, Geo-board and all the kinds of projects. With the help of all these models and teaching aids, our students can learn and explore the concept and verify, Mathematical facts and theorems, through a variety of activities in a simple and interesting way. Our Maths Lab is having sufficient space and tables where every student can perform various activities independently . This helps in enhancing teaching-learning process in the subject.